How many trade shows or events have you gone to where you have been given unattractive, useless (and sometimes just bewildering) “swag” items, which wind up going right in the trash? Or have you ever received a corporate gift which made you scratch your head and wonder how wasteful it was to produce this thing?

What were these people thinking? They must be stopped. We’re not only stuffing our landfills, but we're stuffing them with ugly stuff. Think of the poor future archeologists.

There's got to be a better way (without giving up the gift of giving). We are a rabid culture of consumers (you know who you are), and while it isn’t going to stop any time soon, we can try to make it a whole lot less wasteful (and tasteful!).

Swagologie is the brainchild of Lori Greenberg, a creative director and designer for over 25 years (and a guilty collector of much vintage kitsch). She's been a perpetrator, an enabler and a (sometimes sad) recipient of way too much swag. In "repentance," Swagologie was created to offer custom and non-custom eco-friendly gifts:

Custom Promotional items - t-shirts, notebooks, tote bags and more, with your logo slapped right on the front, or other design input from our team, to make it eye-catchingly beautiful and eco-friendly.

Corporate Gifts - office accessories, personal accessories, fashion items, children’s toys, grown-up toys, and far more.

How do we define green gifts?
It's eco materials, nontoxic materials, minimizing packaging. It's working with fair trade companies. It's sometimes working with collectives in developing countries. All to try to create the greenest gifts possible.
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How do you turn green? Don’t panic - it’s not that difficult.
If you are a non-greenie, we can start with light green. You will get a bit of an education (and we won’t make you feel too ashamed of yourself!), and we will have a great time in the process.
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Coming soon -

Useless Item of the Moment.


We'll find 'em, you vote on 'em (and you can nominate your own, too!)


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